Post-Ghost Ship fire safety with practical advice for making constant improvements

December 7, 2016 § Leave a comment

Following the death of 36 in a fire at a warehouse party in Oakland California last Friday, these notes on fire safety got published and are well worth considering for places that are “public, private, and in-between” (to quote the notes):

Also this:

an open assembly and call for help in order to begin to collectively brainstorm, interconnect and pool resources around what we as a community of artists and organizers can do to aid our DIY spaces right now in the Bay Area — primarily with respect to improving core fire safety and building safety.

Together, through mutual support, we may also better withstand a potential forthcoming crackdown on such critical places of cultural and political production.

The meeting will also function as a skillshare around tackling zoning problems, code compliance / inspection issues, and legal and tenant law challenges germane to unconventional spaces, as well as address any other other intersecting issues presently challenging virtually all DIY spaces already struggling in our present atmosphere of insane rents and massive redevelopment.

Action items might include:

  • Identify spaces / communities presently in need of such assistance –
  • Define a mutual aid network of local DIY spaces and in particular folks with germane skills in the trades (electrical, structural, plumbing etc), architecture, engineering, accessibility, permits, and building life-safety codes
  • Assemble a capable group of volunteers to plan and physically carry out core life-safety improvements to any DIY spaces that need assistance
  • Fundraise into an existing 501c3 for tax-deductible contributions to subsidize such improvements specifically, which we should publicize (note: a separate fund from the victim’s relief fund)
  • Develop guidelines, how-to’s and points of contact for expert consultation and assistance in various areas of need, be it construction-related or legal/permit-related
  • Potentially, agree to create a DIY-space advocacy group that can interface with the city bureaucracy and various authorities, particularly with respect to zoning and land use issues, on behalf of local artists, organizers and activists in our community who rely on such DIY spaces to work and thrive.

We understand many are still in the grieving process and may not be able to attend, but many also voiced a need to address these issues in our community without delay.

To all who are shattered and heartbroken as many at omni are after this horrifying disaster, we pledge our love and support – let Omni know how else and who else we can help.



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