Lots more on why the sharing/gig economy sucks for most people

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Some Donovan songs

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Non-academic anthro jobs

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Annoying, amoral innovation, pop-ups, entrepreneurialism, gig-economy economics, etc

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Nice piece on Fleabag

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Emic and etic

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Human resources for health: Concept note for a new reader

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I find this quote useful:

It is now widely acknowledged that health workers’ roles and practices; their identities and motivation; their training, support and deployment are at the centre of successes and failures of health interventions and health system functioning. The past few years have seen a proliferation of research on these and others topics related to human resources for health (HRH), drawing from a range of disciplines such as public health, sociology, psychology, organizational and management sciences.

The idea for a reader emerged from the need for guidance on and examples of excellent HRH research, embracing how health workers are creative and dynamic agents best placed alongside patients, managers and policy-makers to address contemporary health system complexities.

This contemporary viewpoint underscores important shifts in the HRH field. Whereas HRH research traditionally focused on the medical professions, in today’s world there is increasing attention to a much more diverse set of HRH cadres, including nurses, auxiliary medical personnel, informal providers, front-line or community health workers, and home carers. In addition, while HRH policy previously focused on training, recruitment and deployment, recent concerns span issues related to migration, retention, dual practice, accountability, informal markets, gender bias and violence, as well as the need for HRH management and leadership in mixed and often poorly regulated health systems.


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