2004 article on pink gold rush on the Coromandel coast

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2004 article on pink gold rush on the Coromandel coast

Nice one.



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Reflexivity in qualitative research

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Here’s a great piece by Christina Hughes at Warwick University: http://www2.warwick.ac.uk/fac/soc/sociology/staff/academicstaff/chughes/hughesc_index/teachingresearchprocess/reflexivity/

Amita Baviskar and the role of the public intellectual

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I don’t think this journalistic article is very well-written (in particular it makes sweeping and not very precise claims) but I do like the quotes from Amita Baviskar, which helpfully set out her position on the role of public intellectuals. http://www.livemint.com/Companies/ALt7dfN10nYiCax24M5IEP/Crossover-intellectuals.html

Nandini Sundar

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An introduction to Nandini Sundar.

Public Sociology, Live!


Professor Nandini Sundar is an outstanding social anthropologist of South Asia, who has made major and original contributions to our understanding of environmental struggles, of the impact of central and state policies on tribal politics, and of the moral ambiguities associated with subaltern political movements in contemporary India. These contributions are anchored in her deep grasp of the legacies of colonial rule for cultural politics in contemporary India, and in theoretically innovative understanding of the relationship of major historical events to persistent structural tensions in Indian society. Professor Sundar has placed her detailed studies of tribal politics in Central India in the broader frame of studies of the law, bureaucracy and morality in modern India. In so doing, she has combined innovative empirical and ethnographic methods and cutting-edge approaches to those sociological debates which link the study of social change in modern India to central debates in comparative social…

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Nice piece on Paulo Freire and academia

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izzy whizzy let’s let sticky. and messy

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