Quote of the day: thinking with data

January 29, 2014 § Leave a comment

…the stronger you hold on to a particular idea, the less open you are inclined to be to rival ideas. Indeed, the strength of an idea – that it allows you to see things in a certain light – also entails its weakness – it often prevents you from seeing them in any other way. So unless you distance yourself somewhat from an idea you firmly hold, you will be unable to assess the strengths of rival ideas…it is often the case that, in order to advance, you first need to retreat. (Mukherjee and Wuyts 2007: 235, cited in Oya 2013: 516-517)

Mukherjee, C. and M. Wuyts (2007) “Thinking with quantitative data” in: A. Thomas and G. Mohan, eds.Research skills for policy and development: how to find out fast. London: Sage, pp. 231–253

Oya, Carlos (2013) “Methodological reflections on ‘land grab’ databases and the ‘land grab’ literature ‘rush’” The Journal of Peasant Studies, 40:3, 503-520


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