And away from it

January 5, 2014 § Leave a comment

On facebook, obvs.

The following stolen from a response to this blogpost by someone I know. The response is by someone I don’t know personally.

The ‘far left’ is not just to be found in slowly decomposing leninist sects and there are some genuine grounds for optimism, I think.

Some sections, departing from the SWP are clearly beginning to think and conceptualise new politics or at least new possibilities for organising. ISN is both stuck in LU but at least is also asking some interesting questions, developing a space where debate can take place and activists develop, rather than experience Trotskyist slow death under the whip of serial top down directives.

It is likewise within ant-fascism that the beginnings of genuine class based street politics appears to be emerging with anti-fa coordinations developing a genuine direct action/civil disobedience culture that challenges UAF liberal anti-fascism. The 3 Cosas campaign, small developments made by the IWW and the IWGB, the anti-fracking movement have all been inspirational. Combined with the combative he Cops off Campus demo/new student movement all occupy an anti-capitalist space that its fair to say can be claimed by and large as being of the ‘far left’. Its a space where creative energy, addressing real issues is emerging, a new left that contrasts with the dull greyness of the paper sellers (not that I have anything against the distribution and production of newspapers and other media of course).

Its easy to bash the left – and the article told many home truths of course – yes, the left is dying – if by that you mean the project of top down, doctrinal certainties, then yes a hundred and more times. Its methodology is being eaten alive by new technology and dances hopelessly out of step with the ABCs of today’s networked society. Perhaps we are getting a glimpse of a reimagined working class movement and a new culture of organising that takes risks, developing theory around practice and invigorates participants, developing our core human impulses towards solidarity, breaking free from guilt tripping control freakery that always exploited our genuine desires.

The article was a good one, but also one sided, cynical and blind perhaps to changes occurring under our collective noses. It revealed perhaps the authors own focus on elections as the be all of any collective enterprise. I certainly feel more hopeful in many years and I’m a perspectives from planet earth kind of guy.


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