Great quotes from an interview with Lemmy

October 27, 2013 § Leave a comment

The only guy I knew in London shared a place with Noel Redding and he was part of Hendrix’s road crew and they go out on tour and I was humping gear and they were doing ‘Axis Bold As Love’. It was amazing. Hendrix was an original. There has never been anything like him since and certainly not before. The man could control feedback. I watched his hands and you couldn’t tell how he did it. He had big hands and they were over 10 frets long- that’s big they were. He could do it either way, he could turn the guitar upside down if he had to.

You could spot the guitar players in the place they were the ones cutting their fingers off! They were thinking, ”Fuck it, it’s not worth it!’

He was the best. He was the most innovative guitarist ever, Clapton was never near him. Hendrix was out there.


We are a rock n roll band we always were.

We have heavy metal hair so you can see why so people put us in there with that. They got no brains these people who categorise you- that’s why they categorise you (laughs).


Don’t be fooled into thinking the rock n roll scene is any worse or better than it was in 1966. There’s too many charts now in Rolling Stone. I mean what the fuck is ‘œpost modern’ that would be tomorrow wouldn’t it (laughs). It just doesn’t work. It’s crap and that’s what fucked it.

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