Response to ‘Transforming Legal Aid’  

June 4, 2013 § Leave a comment

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Response to ‘Transforming Legal Aid’



These proposals are going to irreversibly destroy this country’s criminal justice system.  Despite selective and biased media coverage which often criticises it, our system has developed in a principled way over many years and is hugely admired around the world.  For many decades the system has (barely) tolerated a succession of drastic cuts and reforms that have threatened to bring the system to a halt.  It is now at breaking point, and the Government relies almost wholly on the good-will and efforts of committed and talented professionals to keep it going.  These proposals will serve to unravel the final thread that keeps this system working by mercilessly eliminating those people.   What will follow is inevitable: delays, miscarriages of justice and devastating effects on society as it tries to cope with rising crime and a complete lack of confidence in its ability to protect…

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