Savar Tragedy: Solution in Solidarity: Navine Murshid

May 7, 2013 § Leave a comment

And this is the latest from the BBC:; one soundbite they’ve included offers quite an interesting response/solution:

[Nobel Peace Prize Winner] Mr Yunus also urged global fashion brands not to abandon the country, saying that garment factory workers subcontracted to produce their clothing should be seen as de facto employees.

KAFILA - 10 years of a common journey

This is a guest post by Navine Murshid The grief surrounding the collapse is unimaginable with more than 500 dead and hudrends still missing. It is clear that the accident was a culmination of the alignment of corruption, greed, inefficiency, and a bid to cut costs, at every level from acquiring lands through illegal means, using sub-standard materials for construction, and forcing workers to work despite life-threatening risks, to foreign buyers who show little regard for human life. It is clear too that the wealthy elite with political connections have capitalized on the textile industry by exploiting the poor; it reveals the evils of capitalism where the bid to minimize costs have led to the complete disregard for human lives, perpetuating the “race to the bottom.”

Thousands of RMG workers have gone on strike and taken to the streets to demand justice for what has happened and to demand changes…

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