Dan Hodges on the Labour Party, Progress and the People’s Assembly in 2013

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Dan Hodges on the Labour Party, Progress and the People’s Assembly in 2013


From an interview? with Godspeed You! Black Emperor

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Full interview here. Enjoy.

As a member of a dance group – 10 women, democratically run – I know full well how hard it is to agree on anything. How does Godspeed operate as a community?

Your car breaks and you take it to the garage – dirty room, five mechanics maybe, car keys hung on nails next to the front counter. Two cars on lifts, one car in the corner, all the other cars parked in the back. Everything and everybody is covered in grease, everyone’s smoking like crazy. They have to fix 20 cars before 5pm, or else the backlog will fucking break everybody’s back until Christmas. The parts suppliers roll in every half-hour or so, mostly bringing new brake pads and flex-hoses, but bumpers sometimes, oil-pans, headlight assemblies or timing belts.

In a good garage, the whole mess of it almost collapses all day long. Dudes yell and argue, everything’s going wrong and why are we doing this anyways? The hose won’t fucking fit, or the screwdriver slips and you lose the hose-clamp somewhere beneath the undercarriage. The sun starts to set and the floor gets littered with burnt bulbs, spent gaskets, oil, and sweat, and brake fluid. Someone’s hungover, someone’s heartbroken, someone couldn’t sleep last night, someone feels unappreciated, but all that matters is making it through the pile, the labour is shared and there’s a perfect broken poetry to the hammering and yelling, the whine of the air compressor kicking to life every five minutes or so.

It all seems impossible. But somehow we make it through the pile. The cars run again. The cars drive away. Rough day but now it’s done, and everything’s fine; everything’s better than fine. Tomorrow we’ll do it all over again. You deal with the Volvo, I’ll deal with the Toyota. Heat and noise. All day, every day, until it’s quiet again. We fix cars until we die. We love fixing cars.

Do people like me just take you too seriously?


Here’s a link to a previous post which links to a video where a guy shows how to make Godspeed-esque sounds on a guitar.


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(Old) (incomplete) band photo

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(Old) (incomplete) band photo

From back in the day. With Stéphanie Hennion and Paul Davies. I can’t decide which of us has the best t-shirt slogan.

No one heard his dying words

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van zandt

A little detour this evening:

Well, Margo, is there anything else you want the world to know?
Actually, yes. We just launched this site called latentrecordings.com, which is the name of our record label that we put our CDs out on. It’s a downloading site for iPod users, you know. I’m an iPod user, and I think all that downloading music and stuff, that’s great, because it makes the songs so much more accessible. At the same time, though, it’s so overwhelming, because you can go to iTunes and not know where to start. There’s just so much music out there. So we thought we’d start a site that’s kind of like, if you like our music, well here are some artists that we like. Obviously right now it’s just our new CD, but in the future, we’ll also have musicians we’ve worked with, or we’ll put up our unreleased songs … we’ll probably put that Townes Van Zant medley up there … so it makes it more accessible. (http://folkmusic.about.com/od/artistsaj/a/CowboyJunkies.htm)

On Pancho and Lefty:

“We got stopped by these two policeman and…they said ‘What do you do for a living?’, and I said, ‘Well, I’m a songwriter’, and they both kind of looked around like ‘pitiful, pitiful’, and so on to that I added, ‘I wrote that song Pancho and Lefty. You ever heard that song Pancho and Lefty? I wrote that’, and they looked back around and they looked at each other and started grinning, and it turns out that their squad car, you know their partnership, it was two guys, it was an Anglo and a Hispanic, and it turns out, they’re called Pancho and Lefty..so I think maybe that’s what it’s about, those two guys… I hope I never see them again” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pancho_and_Lefty)

Here’s a version of the song with the full band, without the unwelcome flautist. Looks like Bill Hicks on pedal steel.

And Emmylou doing her thing here:

One more for the road:

Let’s call it a night.

I do a lot of i…

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I do a lot of interviews where people ask, “Now that you’re all happy and content are you going to lose your edge?” Like there’s nothing edgy about being a mom. Which means that as we all become parents, songs are not written for us anymore, and we have to relive our youth to get off on music or something. Where is the music of where you get older? To be content and secure in your personal life doesn’t make you lose your edge so much. For me it almost gives me more fuel to be radical, to be political, to be fighting the good fight because you have something to stand on. When you’re all wrapped up in your personal foibles it’s hard to have any energy for changing the world or whatever. But now I feel more energized because I have that support system behind me.

From an interview with Ani DiFranco available here – http://bitchmagazine.org/post/mom-pop-culture-an-interview-with-ani-difranco


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Cloud Atlas, Erin Brockovich, American Graffiti, Paul Kelly-Stories of Me.

I hear my father-in-law’s response…”Naïve, dreaming Adam. He who would do battle with the many-headed hydra of human nature must pay a world of pain & his family must pay it along with him! & only as you gasp your dying breath shall you understand, your life amounted to no more than one drop in a limitless ocean!” Yet what is any ocean but a multitude of drops?

A note on a note on the film and the book Cloud Atlas as texts. I just read a review. I haven’t read the book but feel the review overplays the difference in message between the two texts. The review ends with the statement that in the book, the message is that 

It is the text that will help propel humanity forward, in addition to the people themselves.

I find this message conveyed in the film also – downplayed perhaps, but certainly there – in the final question posed by the interrogator of the future revolutionary before her execution. She shrugs off his suggestion that the revolution was doomed to failure: to her it doesn’t matter. The revolutionaries died, but the revolution as text will help propel humanity forward. Contrary to the argument presented by this reviewer, the film makers do not leave out this part of Mitchell’s message.

What do we do with reviewers like that? 🙂

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