Not so Far Away

November 29, 2012 § Leave a comment


Many people believe that their  opinion; their voice will not make a difference in the  world of politics; Federal and State. This is a common misbeleif one that I myself possess; or have until a recent reading “Influencing Public Policy” by Jeanine C. Cogan. There are at least five groups who influence legislative process. one, are constituents; which is anyone eligible to vote. The second choice is advocacy groups; organizations and interest groups that lobby for certain policies, such as; business and industry; science and technology; professional interests; labor, and Civil Rights to name a few. A Third choice would be contacting someone in, or becoming part of a coalition. a gathering of advocacy groups that share a common interest or opinion; they follow the motto “strength in numbers.” A Fourth method which can be used in an attempt to effect federal or state policy is contacting a member of congress; whose  main objective consists of three…

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