Open Data Workshop, Chennai, part 3

August 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

Deepak says: “there was a guy mapping corporate presence in Chhatt etc and murders of adivasis. Started crying on second day. How can I  look at these deaths as data.” Me: “What is data is also not data. People are data, but they are also people. This makes me think of Žižek’s philosophical musings about theorising violence.”

It is not poetry that is impossible after Auschwitz, but rather prose…

A dispassionate conceptual development of the typology of violence must by definition ignore its traumatic impact. Yet there is a sense in which a cold analysis of violence somehow reproduces and participates in its horror. A distinction needs to be made, as well, between (factual) truth and truthfulness: what renders a report of a raped woman (or any other narrative of a trauma) truthful is its very factual unreliability, its confusion, its inconsistency. (Žižek, Violence, 2008: 3)

…the issue of human depth vs. empirical relevance (Nordstrom, Shadows of War, 2004: 52) – this was the website I got most excited about, and want to experiment with using soon. Why? Because there’s tools here for data visualisation. Example:

google maps allows multiple people to collaborate on creating a map, which can be public or “unlisted” (like sharing with a small number of people on dropbox).

google map maker


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