New post on student visas on Oecumene blog

June 4, 2012 § Leave a comment

I recently published a new post on the blog of the Oecumene project, discussing activism around student visas in the UK. Going through an old notebook today I found a succinct articulation of the basic idea I’m trying to put across in that post:

“Start with yourself” is the motto: one’s own position, engaging with the global from there…rather than starting from “solidarity with Sudan,” “solidarity with/for those people over there” – start from how you are directly implicated, rather than “I am in solidarity with you, so won’t buy Coca Cola.”

This note was penned during a workshop on counter-mappingI attended at Goldsmiths earlier this year:

Spacing Movements:  Activist cartographies, militant research and the politics of knowledge production

A workshop with Sebastain Cobarrubias and Maria Isabel Casas of the Counter-Cartographies Collective, for the Centre for Research Architecture.


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