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January 1, 2012 § Leave a comment

Happy new year. And back to the Silver Jews.

On this occasion, “Famous Eyes“, a song on the Hey Drag City compilation…:

“Remember when Drag City was like REALLY cool? Remember when all their bands sounded like they were recorded in your friend’s XXX basement (P.S. “grunge” and “lo-fi” are still really cool), and Will had a bro, Bill was drunk at your wedding, Neil was taping up his arms, and best of all DC released actual compilations featuring actual New Zealand loners and Strangulated Beat-offs’ side projects? After one digested the scuzz of Making Losers Happy pretty darn fully, awaiting was the almighty 2LP XXX Hipgnosis-covered monolith Hey Drag City. I will never know who “Desert Storm” or “Burnout” were/are/could have been (generally a good thing), but all you lil indie completists will surely covet the fiendishly rare-ish tracks by Pavement, Palace (yes that’s as in OLDHAM), Smog, and Silver Jews (back when he recorded with a string and 2 cans).

…From Drag City’s “About this record” notes (online here).


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