Being an academic at Xmas…

December 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

…with families and parties and small talk and stuff. On this subject I just wanted to share something posted on Facebook by one of my professors from back in the day at Warwick University:

Non-political scientists, in their desperate effort to make small talk with someone they see just every few years, make the assumption that political scientists know something about politics. They will ask, “What do you think Obama’s chances are?” Or, “do you think Herman Cain really groped that woman?” At this point, they will be inevitably disappointed by the response, which will be straight from the New York Times, where all political scientists get all their information about real politics –that, or the New Yorker. (“Stuff Political Scientists (Don’t) Like #13, Holiday Edition – Explaining Themselves to Loved Ones”, on The Duck of Minerva blog)

And now on with last-minute christmas shopping we go.



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