Green Lanes festival slot

September 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

My band Affinity to the Sea are playing the Green Lanes festival this Sunday, 18 September. It would be great to see you there, plus I think the festival will be worth seeing in any case. The festival takes place on Green Lanes, which will be closed off at the Manor House/Finsbury Park end, with food, drink and live music. There are two stages with live music all day, one outside the Salisbury pub, which is also well worth a visit, and the other outside the Old Ale Emporium. Here’s the line-up on the stage we are on:

Old Ale Stage – 12noon to 6pm



11.55 Koma Sersi – Kurdish music

12.15 Citizen Helene – Singer, songwriter and guitarist from Dorset.

12.40 Affinity To The Sea – A blues rock covers band

1pm New Tottenham Singers – vibrant local community choir

1.25 To The Moon – Dark trip hop and sirens with driving guitar riffs and touching harmonies

1.45 Kurdish folk dancing and music

2.15 Umbilical Chord – A three piece alternative/indie band

2.35 Haringay Big Band – Young musicians from Haringey

3pm Tessellators – Influences are Built to Spill, Captain Beefheart, Battles (especially live), The Band and Fugazi amongst many others. 

3.25 Obscuritones – Rockabilly; close harmony and rockin rhythm.

4pm Old Ale Scratch Band

4.40 Tottenham Gospel Choir – Stunning sounds from the community of West Green Road Church

5pm  David Lammy MP

5.15 THE POPESCeltic rock and folk


Festival postscript:

Our slot went well, with quite a few friends/family turning out to support us, and thumbs-up received from denizens of the Old Ale Emporium and various people involved in managing the Old Ale Stage. Thanks to all the festival organisers and stage managers, we had a great day because of you.

At the end of the day, as I waited for a taxi to return the drum kit to its home (thanks to Downs Sounds studios for hiring it to us, and for being so flexible about when we returned it), I had a drink with Whiskey Mick of the Popes (and also of Whiskey Before Breakfast – which I have to agree with him is an absolutely fantastic name for a band), as well as the sound technician for the Old Ale Stage (great job by the way, thanks so much), and the singer and drummer of the band who played at 4pm – who, I am told, were not the Old Ale Scratch band, contrary to festival publicity materials.

The Popes are immense – apparently set up by Pogues’ frontman Shane McGowan during a period in which he was ejected from the Pogues on account of his inability to remain upright for a whole set (he is rather infamous for having a bit of a drinking thing going on). I don’t think Shane McGowan is currently singing with the Popes (he wasn’t at the festival, nor at Ryans Bar when I have seen the Popes play there on their regular fortnightly Friday slots).

Shortly before my taxi arrived there was a discussion about how Holloway Road is the centre of gravity for London’s Irish pub/music scene, with Whiskey Mick singing the praises of Mother Red Cap in particular (google tells me this pub once featured in an episode of Jonathan Creek), which, he claims, has the only stage in the world “that is higher than it is wide.”


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