Irritating Guardian article on apolitical music

August 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

In other news on the weekend, a cringeworthy Guardian music article pronounced:

This, though, is apparently what rebellion sounds like in 2011: dead-eyed, mob-like and opportunistic. There’s certainly no one else currently trying to articulate anything more meaningful in pop culture. Time was when rock stars, and not just the Clash, used to have lots to say about lots of very big, important things. Or so I’m told. The truth is that in my eight years as a music journalist, I’ve never found one.

Ah yesh, it wash better in the old days. Not worth wasting time on journalism like this, except that in the comments  on the article (and in the comments on Billy Bragg’s reposting of the article on Facebook) some people have mentioned groups who might be worth checking out during some future moment when I have time to do so (apologies for repetition due to careless cutting-and-pasting):

Patricide and all the bands that play at Antagony are a blazingly political scene in London

GUERILLA ART movements come into play, highly politicized groups like Artressa Phunding,

What about ‘Freedom For Palestine’
or ‘Tunisia’?

Rise Against, Anti-Flag, King Blues, Against Me!

The Skints
The King Blues
Enter Shikari
Sonic Boom Six
Resolution 242
Random Hand
Mic Righteous
Jimmy Jitsu
The JB Conspiracy
The Filaments

Citizen Fish
Richie Blitz

The Coup, Dead Prez, Immortal Technique, Boots Riley, Zach De La Rocha

Propagandhi, The king blues, Chumbawamba, Conflict, The levellers, Subhumans, Gallows, Citizen fish, Jello Biafra…, Articles of faith, Todd Snider, Street dogs, Dropkick Murphy´s, Billy Bragg, David Rovics, System of a down, Anti-flag, Rise against, Rage against the machine, Manu Chao, Gogol bordello, Firewater, The (international) noise conspiracy, Goldblade

KRS-One, Immortal Technique, Sage Francis, Aesop Rock

To these I would add Ani DiFranco, someone I’m particularly keen on…even if my favourite song by her, “Self-Evident”, might sound a little bit dated now that George is out of the White House.

This article reminds me a bit of the conclusion of Stephen Baxter’s story about the survival of Glenn Miller in Traces…are we really better off in a world in which everyone (which is, obviously, not really everyone anyway) listens to the Clash, compared to a world in which people are listening to a wide variety of political musics…?


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