January 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

Standing in the queue for the cloakroom at the British Library recently I experienced a rapidly rising sense of panic at the length of the queue and the appearance of the people in it (having made adjustments for my hunch that many of the people who sit in the British Library with their laptop actively cultivate a I’m-going-to-sit-in-the-British-Library-with-my-laptop look) because I associated both with current employment prospects for professionals.

Currently my employment status is unemployed/student. Having submitted my PhD in December and my viva date nearly set (“some point in April”), my university recognises me as a student (I have access rights to the college building and an email account) but I have nothing to study for (other than preparation for my viva), and my local council recognises me as eligible to pay council tax (full-time students are eligible for council tax exemption, but I’m not classified as a full-time student) but not eligible to claim Job Seekers’ Allowance (because I am classified as a student, even if not as a full-time one).

I am looking for a job that will take me in the direction of the research and politics I would like to do. I’m trying to figure out what to do with myself. This blog is intended to record some of my explorations, political, anthropological¬†and otherwise.


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