Sea Noise debut gig photos

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frontman copy


Sea Noise debut gig

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Hanabi LP Gig Poster

My new band, Sea Noise, has its debut gig tomorrow night at the Lexington, near King’s Cross (details and tickets here).

We met through BandMix at the end of February.

Call for Papers: Key issues in the anthropology of labour in the context of flexible capitalism

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Workshop for the Anthropology of Labor Network 2019 in collaboration with Focaal: Journal of Global and Historical Anthropology

University of Amsterdam, Sep 30 –Oct 1, 2019

Since the 2008 crisis, anthropologists have rekindled their interest in labour. While Euro-American societies primarily experience these changes as the waning of secure contracts, the 21th century has seen an ever-greater variety of labor regimes with differential subsumption of labor to capitalist expansion. The changing nature of work pertains not only to industrial labor but to feminisation, migration and the automation of labour via digital platforms. These processes have engendered a re-theorisation of the concept of precarity around wider issues of life and care rather than just income or productive work. Stretched between the horizon of potentiality and the politics of inequality, labour occupies a central field in the anthropological inquiry into the human condition and opens up towards a more familiar terrain of anthropological research of kinship, gender, and community in relation to social reproduction.

The Anthropology of Labour Network was established under EASA in 2018 to create a space for anthropologists interested in linking macroeconomic processes to everyday experiences, and to reconceptualise productive and reproductive work, labour’s value(s) in social life and workers struggles. This two days event is co-organised with FocaalJournal of Global and Historical Anthropology, a peer-reviewed journal combining ethnography, processual analysis, local insights and global vision in relation to wider spatial networks of capitalism.

We invite papers that explore one of these four thematic strands

1.    New vs. old forms of labour. What is exactly ‘new’ and ‘old’ about current labor forms and what are the appropriate historical and geographical scales for exploring their rise?

2.    Labour stability vs. flexibilisation: How do labor in/stability relate to precarity, im/mobility, politics of class, border rigidity and containment?

3.    Care, value and reproductive labour:  How do labor processes relate to wider social processes? How does this transgression open avenues of exploitation and reassessment of value?

4.    Labour mobilisations: Are conflicts between capital and labor still a relevant locus of politics in times of trade union decay, migration, labor casualisation and automation?

Please send abstracts of 200 words to the organizers (see below) along with a 100 words bio before April 30.

The workshop is supported by EASA, Focaal, and the Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research (AISSR). It will be held at the University of Amsterdam. We can offer some partial financial support for travel within Europe, so please indicate whether you would like to be considered for a small grant to cover travel and accommodation expenses. Please also indicate if you have institutional funding to cover your workshop attendance.

Event website:

 The organizers:

Mariya Ivancheva, University of Liverpool (

Dan V. Hirslund, University of Copenhagen (

Luisa Steur, University of Amsterdam (

More information on the AoL Network is available at EASA’s website, including options for joining the mailing list (

More information on Focaal is available on the journal’s website ( and its blog (

The end of Steve Albini’s review of Spiderland (1991)

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Only two other bands have meant as much to me as Slint in the past few years and only one of them, The Jesus Lizard, have made a record this good. We are in a time of midgets: dance music, three varieties of simple-minded hard rock genre crap, soulless-crooning, infantile slogan-studded rap and ball-less balladeering. My instincts tell me the dry spell will continue for a while – possibly until the bands Slint will inspire reach maturity. Until then, play this record and kick yourself if you never got to see them live. In ten years, you’ll lie like the cocksucker you are and say you did anyway.

Ten fucking stars.

The full review is available here.

Matt Elliott interview

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South London Open Mics and Jams

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Open Mics

Joe Duggan’s Open Mic at Paxton Centre – Andy and I played a couple of songs here last Friday, it was awesome. People standing up alone or with a friend to sing or recite something they had written, and a really respectful and enthusiastic audience. Great stuff.


Queen’s Head, Downe – 4th Wednesday of the month, 7.30pm

Early adventures in bread

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Something like 10 loaves so far, initially using dried yeast and a recipe from Delia, and today using fresh yeast and some ideas from Richard Bertinet’s Dough: Simple Contemporary Bread (2005. I drew on ideas on pages 16, 20, 24, 26).

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